Art of Writing Emails - Overview


This is an overview of the Art of Writing Emails taught under the Corporate Readiness Program:

  1. How to write professional emails?
  2. How to write a subject line.
  3. Greeting, closing and signature.
  4. Write emails that are 5 sentences or less.
  5. Language to use in emails.
  6. Call to action.
  7. Break long emails into smaller parts.
  8. To, CC, Bcc.
  9. How to property use Reply and Reply All.
  10. How to forward an email.
  11. Best practices for sending an attachment.
  12. Reply to questions in line.
  13. Reply immediately to time sensitive emails.
  14. Read all emails on thread.
  15. Formatting your emails.
  16. Proofread emails.
  17. SCRAP format - Situation, Complication, Resolution, Action, Politeness.
  18. When to email and when not to?

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