First Impressions - Overview


This is an overview of the First Impressions module taught under the Corporate Readiness Program:

  1. Why first 3 weeks of your new job are crucial?
  2. Mistakes of first impression mindset (how to impress people without getting intimidated).
  3. Managing your reputation:
    1. Punctuality.
    2. How to get to know everyone at office (how to remember their names).
    3. Body language: Eye contact, Smile, Handshake, Standing positions, Mirroring.
    4. Dress according to culture.
    5. Four emotions you need to evoke (Fun, Trust, Respect, Showing Interest).
    6. Small talk with colleagues: Art of complimenting.
    7. Listening skills.
    8. Ask questions.
    9. How to speak up during meeting.
    10. Avoid office politics and dynamics at all cost.
  4. Performance at work:
    1. Read a lot about your company and industry.
    2. Learning and asking questions.
    3. Add value to conversations (prepare in advance).
    4. Understand reporting structures.
    5. Build a rapport with your boss and their boss.
    6. Never reveal your salary (change topic without being rude).
    7. When to leave work if your boss is still there.
    8. Show don’t tell (never brag).
  5. Encompassing company culture:
    1. Observe.
    2. Active participation.
    3. Stop talking about your previous company.
    4. Network during lunch break.
    5. Do not join any grapevines. 

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