Goal Setting - Overview


This is an overview of the Goal Setting module taught under the Corporate Readiness Program:

  1. Discover your vision.
  2. Vision Board.
  3. Wheel of Life.
  4. Why do you need to set goals: Understand difference between wishes & goals.
  5. Why Life Leadership matters.
  6. How to formulate your goals:
    1. How to set SMART goals.
    2. Develop sub-goals.
    3. Your inner circle matters.
    4. Why are not willing to follow our goals: benefit of problem.
    5. Circle of influence.
  7. Involve your subconscious mind towards your goals:
    1. How to integrate your body.
  8. Power of Habits:
    1. Stages of habit formation.
    2. Logical levels on how to change habits.
  9. How to reach your goals:
    1. 4 important things to make you reach your goal.
    2. Why do goals fail?
    3. The first step.
  10. How to stop procrastinating?

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