Interview Skills - Overview


This is an overview of the Interview Skills module taught under the Corporate Readiness Program:

  1. Identify which company you want to work for.
  2. Let your resume, LinkedIn profile, and cover letter capture attention.
  3. Applying for jobs.
  4. Understand what employers are looking for.
  5. How to read a job description?
  6. Acing an interview even before you show up.
  7. How to dress up for an interview.
  8. How to sound more confident with the right mindset: Science behind feeling more confident.
  9. How to make a great first impression even before interview has begun.
  10. How to prepare a memorable answer for tell me something about yourself.
  11. Types of questions asked during an interview.
  12. How to keep the interviewer engaged.
  13. Be assertive when communicating.
  14. Body language for interviews: gestures, postures, facial expressions etc. 
  15. The best & offbeat tip for cracking the interview.
  16. Stand out as compared to other applicants.
  17. Asking for the job and getting it.
  18. Evolution of job interviews.
  19. Negotiating salary.

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