Personal Branding - Overview


This is an overview of the Personal Branding module taught under the Corporate Readiness Program:

  1. Self Awareness.
  2. Start thinking of yourself as a brand.
  3. Your hard & soft skills.
  4. Personal branding statement.
  5. Audit your social presence.
  6. Building your brand - Online:
    1. Develop a niche: Thought leadership.
    2. Show rather than tell.
    3. Storytelling.
    4. Testimonials.
    5. Communicate your brand: what you do, how you do it, what you say, what you think.
  7. Building your brand - Offline:
    1. Look the part: Image is everything.
    2. Networking.
    3. Testimonials.
  8. Self development:
    1. Never stop learning.
    2. Increase your value through education.

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